Privacy Policy

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We know very well users are always important for the website and their information is very important for us we always protect the user’s personal information which we received and collect no one find this personal information of users. Visitors categorized in these following ways:

Direct and indirect information of
Direct information means that visitors of our website may contact with us through using our contact information personally without showing publically another way which used by the people they share their correct information with the help of comment area where they share all type of information by posting some documents and through commenting.

Indirect information is about the information of visitors who visit our website that may be visitors behaviors or activities means that their some personal information which they are done, it may be mechanically expressed its visitors privacy policy as visitors IP address. But important thing is that it can be wrong and send by indirectly this website never share visitors personal information publically at any time.

How collect information
One thing is cleared about this website all the information gathered by the direct and indirect manners, people who visit this site want endorsement us with the help of their public sources like any type of visitor’s profile through documents or commenting then this website never include their personal information instead of their IP addresses which are beneficial in the future without any trouble when they visit again for the sake of knowledge or information because website already collect the IP address after complete checking and commendation.

Information Security
In the world of internet security not support 100% but this website try best to secure and save the information or date of their value able visitors. This is actually purpose of this website to compensate and provide security in all favorable ways to their users but in other case they don’t have any guarantee to secure the visitors personal data.

Pointed to be noted
More important thing is that visitors must know the privacy policy of our website related sources when they clicking or visiting the advertisement because advertisement partner’s policy may or may not be same like this website of